Lyfe's ZDaemon platform port information


Version Link Platform Notes

ZDaemon 1.10.24 (DMG)

Mac OS X

ZDaemon 1.10.24 release. See release notes for updates.

Last updated: Nov 22, 2023

Known problems:
- Getwad is being very flaky; needs replacement. Might need to find wads manually
- changing the screen to one which is setup with a rotation (eg, taller than it is wide) has a good chance to crash ZDaemon.


I've never really been one for putting information for non-official (e.g. Mac) releases on the main ZDaemon website. It's sort of just been "my thing" to maintain a mac client port, much to the chagrin of some of the rest of the dev team.

So I figure if I dedicated a page to it, I might feel more ownership and desire to maintain a working version (especially since the 1.10b08 update to use fmodstudio!).

I'm not sure I'll actually maintain any sort of news or whatnot, but I think I'll maintain the file updates. If things are out of date, find me on the zdaemon forums.